Sunday, March 25, 2007

Come see one of the new Just Nans

Here is an adorable new piece from Just Nan, Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden. It is a small (3" across) enameled metal ladybug box that opens to reveal the needlebook that you stitch and a small pincushion as well. The kit includes everything except your DMC floss and a cotton ball. The finishing instructions for the needlebook and pincushion are very straightforward and easy to follow. This is a limited edition and we're not sure we'll be able to get more. We have a few now so be sure to order early.

Here are pictures with the box open and closed. Its hard to see, but the inside bottom of the box is also enameled red.
As I mentioned in a previous entry, we will be closed from April 1 to April 9. We will continue to process orders during this time, but we will not be shipping any orders. We do plan to add and update various pages on our site as well as launch a couple of sales. We will be adding the mesh vinyl bags that we have been using as part of our gift wrapping service so that they will be available for purchase on our site. We will also be adding more designers and more fabrics. Be sure to check in to keep up to date on the new events.
We would like to ask our customers what other products or designers they would like to see offered. Please email us or post a comment with additional items you would like to see us offer and we will be happy to consider your suggestions.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Its Snowing again!

It sure doesn't look like March. It was nearly 70 degrees two days ago - today we get a foot of snow. The poor robins were frantic this morning before the snow began to fall. Hopefully, it will warm up next week and all melt quickly.

Just a little heads up - we will be closed for the first week of April - until April 9. We will still accept orders during this time and we will do our best to answer emails, but we will not be shipping. The website should be up during the day. During the night magical things should happen (we hope).

Here's my snow day project - slower going than I expected. Probably won't be done for St. Patrick's Day - but one can always use a bookmark I suppose. This is one of Teresa Wentzler's Knotwork Bookmarks.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Weekend Stitching

Just a quick update on Indian Summer Reflections - I survived the Marlitt and now I can move on to some silks. It should be a great stitching weekend.

Even better, its finally warming up (it is March after all) and hopefully we'll be able to see some signs of Spring next week. Since January was so warm, the robins have been back for weeks. Also, many of the daffodils starting coming up back in January and then it got cold - last week was brutally cold. I hope the flowers survive.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Mirabilias and Weeks Dye Works

The new Mirabilia Designs have arrived here. As usual, the actual pics on the envelopes look so much better than the scans that show up on the website - and, I am quite sure, that the true stitched pieces are even far better still. The Crystal Symphony design is especially breathtaking - a beautiful woman and lots of dripping beads. I will have to get started stitching this one right away (so much for New Year's resolutions). The Fern and Ivy patterns have also arrived and they look really cute. These are smaller designs - to give you a greater sense of accomplishment in a shorter time - and they are just the beginning of a new series from Nora. Be sure to check out Crystal Symphony and the new Fern and Ivy designs on our site.

We have also added Weeks Dye Works floss to the site. These beautiful threads are used in so many designs - Brittercup Designs, Glendon Place, Lynne Nicoletti, Raise the Roof and so many more. Be sure to check them out - Weeks Dye Works.

Here's a new project that I started over the weekend. This is one of Emie Bishop's designs - Sunshine and Flowers. I really like how quickly this stitching up.