Friday, November 30, 2007

My snowman collection

I am so excited. Sometime ago, BeckySC had a drawing for a snowman box that she had finished - and I won the drawing! Her box has arrived just in time for my Christmas decorating. Its wonderful. She does such a fantastic job stitching and finishing. Here's a pic with some of my little snowmen.

Thanks so much Becky!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday sale!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is surviving this big shopping day. So, when you've come home and hidden your purchases and have your nice cuppa, relax and shop for your favorite stitcher. We have a couple of hundred items on sale including fabrics and designs from a number of favorite designers (including some discontinued designs). Be sure to stop by and have a wonderful weekend!

Black Friday Sale at Needlearts Gallery

Sunday, November 18, 2007

'Tis the Season

No stitching pics. Not much stitching this weekend either.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving - cleaning, planning the menu - re-planning the menu - un-planning the menu. I think I'm just going to wing it. As long as there's turkey - I've done my job.

On the shop front:
I'm not known for being patient. I've been searching the "leaked" Black Friday ads for weeks so that I can make sure that I plan accordingly. Once I got my whole plan down, I realized that I don't have any Black Friday planning to do this week. Somehow, I felt a void there - so - - I thought, Let's have our own Black Friday sale. ('Cuz heaven knows that we wouldn't want any time to relax during Thanksgiving week - that would break with tradition)

The outcome is our Black Friday sale - which, given how impatient I am, starts now rather than Friday. I have a few really great deals that won't be available until Friday. I also have some limited quantity items on the list - some of the Out of Print Mirabilia Designs. You'll want to stop by early if you're interested in those.

So stop by the shop and stock up on those designs you've wanted this year - or pass your wish list on to your nearest little Santa. Black Friday sale at

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Giggles Wall-hanging

Here is my finished Giggles in the Snow wallhanging. I think it came out pretty well and I have the perfect place to hang it.
This design is one of the discontinued designs from Nora Corbett of Mirabilia Designs. It is one of very few cute 'boy' designs around. I wish Nora would do a few more boy designs - before my boys grow up. She does a beautiful job with them. My next big Mirabilia will be Seaside Kingdom - also discontinued. I've seen a WIP of this piece where the stitcher converted the girl into a boy as well and I will try to do that as well.
Off to stitch some more Valerie Pfeiffer chicks!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Isn't this gorgeous!

This is a design called Brandon from Stitchin'spiration. It is a beautiful blackwork piece created by Sally Rudkin. I wish I could really show you how intricate and detailed it is. Guess I'll just have to stitch it! Be sure to click on the pic so you can see the larger version. In the larger version you can see the little pineapples and urns around the perimeter of the garden and the intricate fills of each section of the garden.
This is one of the designers who exhibited at the Online Needlework show. We'll be adding her designs to our website as well as those from Cindy Valentine, Twisted Oaks (remember the cute box with the otter?), Haberdashery Designs, With My Needle, and Whispered By the Wind.
In case you need to kit this one up right away - the model was stitched on 32 count Waterlily Linen with 2 skeins of #153 Distant Hills Waterliles silk from Caron Collection. I'll be starting this one as soon as I can - my first Blackwork piece.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Fairy Tales

I just picked up my Fairy Tales (from Mirabilia Designs). It had to be re-framed because the lacing was coming loose for some reason. It had only been about 7 years so I was surprised when it seemed a little saggy. Anyway, the shop that had framed it is still in business and they re-framed it for me. It came out pretty well.
This design is still available if anyone is interested. It makes a great gift for a new mom and baby. You can see Mirabilia Designs here at Needlearts Gallery.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Isn't he cute!

Isn't he cute! This is Valerie Pfeiffer's Christmas Chick. I knew I liked him (I'm pretty sure he's a him and not a her). But he came out really nicely. I like him better than the other Valerie Pfeiffer chicks because there's more color here. I still have to stitch the Golfing Chick for a gift.

Next starts will be an ornament from the Just Cross Stitch ornaments issue and either Dasher or Donner from Nora Corbett. We know there will be eight reindeer designs and can assume that they will all be about the same size, but I can't decide how I want to do them - all on a large piece fabric or each individual reindeer on its own square of fabric. I suppose if I choose one way, I can always stitch them again if I change my mind later. Here are Dasher and Donner if you would like to start your own.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Christmas Designs

Just a very quick update to let you know about some wonderful new Christmas designs that have been released. The Nativity is the second in a series from Glendon Place. (Remember the We Three Kings Design?)

There is also a beautiful new design from Victoria Sampler - Heirloom Nativity Sampler with lots of beautiful threads and specialty stitches.

Be sure to stop by Needlearts Gallery to see more new releases.