Sunday, November 18, 2007

'Tis the Season

No stitching pics. Not much stitching this weekend either.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving - cleaning, planning the menu - re-planning the menu - un-planning the menu. I think I'm just going to wing it. As long as there's turkey - I've done my job.

On the shop front:
I'm not known for being patient. I've been searching the "leaked" Black Friday ads for weeks so that I can make sure that I plan accordingly. Once I got my whole plan down, I realized that I don't have any Black Friday planning to do this week. Somehow, I felt a void there - so - - I thought, Let's have our own Black Friday sale. ('Cuz heaven knows that we wouldn't want any time to relax during Thanksgiving week - that would break with tradition)

The outcome is our Black Friday sale - which, given how impatient I am, starts now rather than Friday. I have a few really great deals that won't be available until Friday. I also have some limited quantity items on the list - some of the Out of Print Mirabilia Designs. You'll want to stop by early if you're interested in those.

So stop by the shop and stock up on those designs you've wanted this year - or pass your wish list on to your nearest little Santa. Black Friday sale at

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