Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cherry Blossom Biscornu and Just Nans

Last weekend, I did finally choose (randomly from a bag) which biscornu to do first - I started on Cherry Blossoms Biscornu from The Sweetheart Tree. It stitches up quickly, here is my progress after a couple hours - even while watching various basketball games. Its too bad that you can't see that the fabric is opalescent. There are also lots of beads to put on each side of this design - I added one so far. I need to finish stitching this today or tomorrow so I can start on the Just Nan biscornu.

The Just Nan shipment arrived this week. The Barnabee's Bride box is so cute. I'll get some better pictures of it today (before it gets cloudy out again). The biscornu design is wonderful as well. When Barnabee Met Bella is stitched on Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen and in light blue and lavender colors and also has lots of shiny beads - which you just can't see in the picture. We still have a few When Barnabee Met Bella designs left. We don't have any more of the Bella Bee box left for March delivery, but you can pre-order one for May delivery.

I hope everyone is having a Spring-like weekend (at least up here in the northern hemisphere - and a nice Autumn weekend down under).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So much to stitch

I finally finished part 4 on Indian Summer Reflections - at least as finished as I'm going to be for now. I didn't love the way the dew drops from the branches were coming out. I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed with this one - I'm keeping my eyes open for some lighter colored blue-gray overdyeds. I didn't love the backstitched leaves on the other branches either. I don't even have another idea for that yet. As for the spider webs which are currently missing, I am going to stitch a couple of samples - one with a pearl blending filament and one with a silver blending filament and decide which one I like better. Then, I'll put this piece away for a bit. There are so many things calling to me!

The biscornu kits from The Sweetheart Tree have arrived. Since I couldn't decide which to stitch, I'm just going to grab one out of a bag. Its so nice to have these come all kitted - and kitted with good fabric and fibers. Then its not so bad to be indecisive until the last minute - you can still start as soon as you decide. I need to get going on this because the new biscornu design from Just Nan - When Barnabee Met Bella - will ship next week. I already have the fabric and floss ready for that one. Then I kitted up that cool dragon design from Xs and Ohs. That one will have to wait until I am brimming with patience - I don't love stitching with Kreinik braids for long periods of time. I have to get moving on Scatter Eggs as well - there isn't much time before Easter.

I think Spring might be coming! We've had lots of rain in the last couple of days and its been really warm - close to 50F. Our snow is down to 4-5 inches deep in places and it is supposed to be warm for the next few days as well. I saw robins and bluebirds today - the robins are a good sign - I'm not sure if the bluebirds leave for the winter or if they've been here all along. I can't wait to see daffodils poking through the ground. Happy Spring!