Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home automation

So I've decided to automate my house.  Not in a creepy way like all those low-budget horror movies from the '80s.  Just in a minor way.

We have a Roomba which goes about its business vacuuming our family room 3 times a week.  It works pretty well except when someone leave wires on the floor from computers or earbuds or the like.  Other than wires, or a dead battery in a lighthouse, nothing really seems to stop "Rosie" the Roomba.

Now I want to automate the heat.  Actually I want to make the heat a little less automatic.  Since I don't have a schedule that is set in stone, having the heat kick up or down at the same time everyday doesn't always work.  So now we have a thermostat that I can control from my phone.  When I leave the house I set the heat down.  When I am almost home I kick the heat up.  So far it is working really well.

Now I would really like to automate vacuuming the stairs.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Poppies

Here's an update on my Faby-Reilly Poppy biscornu.  I just picked this up again last week.  I hope to have it done before the poppies should really bloom.  They will replace the real poppies that I would have in my garden if I could actually grow poppies.

Happy Stitching!