Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow! Snow! Snow! and resolutions

Lots and lots of snow! Sorry for the long time between posts. Now that the holidays are over and inventory is done, I'll have more time to stitch and keep up with online friends.

Shop News first - our next sale will be for Valentine's Day. The sale will start on Valentine's Day and continue through the weekend. (This will be right after Nashville, so there should be lots of great new stuff available).

I didn't get much cross-stitching done over the last few weeks but I still kept busy. I finally tried punchneedle. It was cute and my son really liked it but I think my primary stitching focus will remain cross stitch. I have spent lots of time knitting since my son wanted an afghan for Christmas. It was a VERY small afghan for Christmas, but it is knit in squares and I'll add more squares as they are complete.

I was lucky to receive a new computer for me- personally, not business - for Christmas. Thank you hubby. I have been busy setting it up over the last week. In my past life I was a system developer and architect. Over the last few years, I have had no contact with the programming world besides some limited website development. I can't believe how much my brain has slipped! It was so frustrating having to concentrate so hard on tasks that I could have done on autopilot just a few years ago. So, first New Year's resolution: Sharpen the Sword as they say. I feel that I need to keep up on emerging technology much better than I have in recent years (and no, the Wii does not count).

Second resolution - no starting new projects if my "To Be Finished" drawer has more than six projects awaiting framing, or other finishing. I have seen some the most wonderful finishing techniques lately - especially little stitching books. I really want to commit to trying them out instead of just ooohing and aaaahing over other people's blogs.

Third resolution - teach three new stitchers all the way through a project this year. There is a lengthy thread on the Mirabilia bulletin board about the scarcity of materials available since so many LNS have closed and the large chain stores have stopped carrying cross stitch supplies. Much of this is due to the decreased demand for supplies. This is not entirely due to online shopping. It is also due in part to former stitchers switching to new forms of creativity like knitting and scrapbooking and in part due to a lack of time for activities like stitching. The more we share our passion for stitching, the more we can increase interest. The more interest we create in cross stitching, the better we can support designers and manufacturers of the products we love to use. So, consider finding local community groups that are looking for new acitivities to offer, or a son, daughter, niece or nephew, or neighbor, and teach them to create something wonderful. You never know, you could find your best new stitching buddy. (stepping down off my soapbox now).

New starts this month -
Exchange piece
Barnabee's Quest
Thank you gift

Impatiently awaiting -
New biscornu series from The Sweetheart Tree

Happy New Year everyone!

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