Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It sure feels like Fall

It really does feel like fall. The temps have been in the 70s during the day. It was actually 49F at night this week. The kids are lucky - they started school this week with perfect weather. Given how chilly the first part of summer was, we were worried that everything would start to average out now and it would get really hot for the end of summer. Instead, it feels more like October except that the leaves haven't changed yet.

With the kids back in school I thought I would have all this extra time on my hands. Instead, I seem to have jumped headlong into the various projects that I had hoped to get done over the summer but didn't. I think I'll have the basement all cleaned up and organized and well-lit just in time to drag out all of the Christmas decorations and make a general mess of it again. Then there's the huge box of daffodil bulbs that will arrive here early next week. I forgot I even ordered those until the shipping email came. Then there's the conversion of the "living room" (really just another room to dust) to the kids' work/play room. That's my current project. And I can't wait until its done.

I've been falling asleep too early at night to get much stitching done. I did finish the "Black Cat" design on my Boo! Club piece. Hopefully I'll get some stitching time tomorrow.

Boo! Club - to Black Cat

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  1. Loveing it!!! I really should stitch this one-I have all ready to go in my pile :)