Monday, September 26, 2011

What an artist can do with just six shades

Isn't it amazing what an artist can do with just 3 shades of red and 3 shades of green?  This is the Poppy Biscornu from Faby Reilly.  It's actually really and easy and quick stitch but I haven't put much time into because I have some gift stitching to finish up.  So really this is all I can show.  I truly love the poppies in this design and I haven't even beaded or backstitched yet.
We're just starting to see some color in the leaves here.  We've been warned not to expect too much red and orange this year due to all the "extra" rain from Hurricane Irene and the storms that came afterwards.  While i hope the forecasters are wrong, it does look like a good number of leaves are just turning yellow and falling off the trees.  Still, it hasn't gotten cold yet so maybe we'll get lucky.

Speaking of the forecasters, I've seen the squirrels running around with giant hickory nuts - some even bigger than the squirrel's head.  I am thinking that this cannot be a good sign regarding winter.  The squirrels always have a better handle on the season ahead and they seem to be busier than usual this fall.  I better beef up my stash for those snow days at home.  There's nothing like getting your cup of tea, your music and your project and finding that you're short one skein of silk or one package of beads and you won't be getting out or getting mail until you've shoveled out of the most recent snowstorm.

Here's to enjoying the warm weather this week and planning for the coming season.  Happy Stitching everyone.

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