Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Happy New Year!  

Still no stitching to show.  Way back at the beginning of November I injured a finger.  After many bandages, antibiotic and tetanus shots and many weeks of healing it is much better than before.  But strangely, it is still super sensitive.  So sensitive in fact that it hurts to have 32 ct linen move across my finger.  Holding the needle is very uncomfortable and as you can imagine, if I wear a band-aid while stitching the needle keeps slipping out of my fingers - very frustrating.  I am grateful that my fingertip has feeling because the doctor wasn’t entirely sure how well that would heal.  But this is a little too much.

So I have spent my allotted stitching time organizing my stash and surfing the internet for inspiration for when I go back to stitching.  A little while ago Nora Corbett released Merchant Mermaid.  As usual, some stitchers loved the mermaid in a commercial advertisement design and others hated it.  But, like most photographs of stitched models, I think the photo on the front of the chart doesn’t do this design justice.  Just looking at the material list tells me that she is just dripping with sparkle - she uses 9 different packages of beads from petite beads all the way up to pebble beads.  In addition to all those beads she is decorated with a number of glass roses
and amethyst crystals.  Not to mention that she uses 5 skeins of beautiful overdyed silks from Caron Collection.  How could she not be gorgeous?

Mirabilia Merchant Mermaid

I found Stitchitandie’s blog with her start on Merchant Mermaid and she really is beautiful.  Please visit her blog for a better look.  She is an incredible stitcher and her blog is just full of beautiful work and inspiration.

I am going to pull together the materials and do a floss toss and pick the perfect fabric.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stitch soon and it will be all ready and waiting for me.

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