Monday, March 11, 2013

Fuzzy Red Puppy II

So here's Red Puppy from Nora Corbett's Red Ladies Collection all stretched and laced - still no frame though.  You can just barely see the fuzz on the little dog and the white fuzz on the trim of her coat and hat.  The Red Lady and her dog are all set until the frame arrives here.

Now I just need to pick my big spring project - and maybe some smaller filler projects for spring too.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Fluffy Red Puppy

My Red Puppy from Nora Corbett's Red Ladies Collection is finished.  Well I'm finished stitching anyway.  It still needs to be laced.

It is really cute but that sure is a lot of black Wisper thread and it leaves little black fuzzes everywhere - much like the little black dog would.  The trade off with Wisper thread is that you have to use short lengths to save yourself from dealing with shredded and breaking thread.  But, using really short lengths means that you have to thread the needle more often and threading with Wisper is a bit of a challenge.  I do like the effect it has though.

I stitched it on Platinum Belfast linen rather than the recommended fabric and I plan to mount it in a crimson red frame.  I'll post a full picture once I have it laced.

Happy Stitching!