Monday, November 13, 2006

Do-over - again - and my Wish List

Well, once again, we are re-designing and moving our webstore. While overall it is definitely easier to move in cyberspace than in the real world, it is still a lot of work - especially when you do it twice in one year. We have a real tough time with our software partner over the last year and realize now that it would be best to just cut ties and move on. Which means of course another physical inventory and a huge amount of data entry - again.

The good news is that the new store offers lots of features from our wish list and will be much easier to use - and - we have the opportunity to add new designers and products. We are adding the designs by Liz Turner Diehl, including her stumpwork kits. Also, Lorri Birmingham designs, and Drawn Thread designs. We will also have the opportunity to increase our offering of tools and organizers - including Yazzi bags (which I absolutely love) and those vinyl mesh zipper bags which are so incredibly handy all over the house. The downside of all of this is that I have no stitching time until its done. :-( But, I'm still real excited to get the new store up and running.

Since I'm not stitching right now, I am comforting myself with a wish list to start working on as soon as possible. Here's my wish list so far:
  • The Secret Garden Mystery from Chatelaine - it starts in January but I'll start collecting materials as soon as the list is published.
  • Pollyanna's Summertime Lamplighter Knot Garden from Liz Turner Diehl
  • Autumn in My Garden from Mirabilia

Of course, I still have my current rotation to work on as well. Hopefully I'll be happily stitching and answering emails again by December 1.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your new site. LTD is one of my favorites!