Friday, February 01, 2008

ISR part 4 still - Again!

I know this looks suspiciously like the photo in my last post - but its not! First, I did actually get some stitching done on this. But, as for the photo, I finally found out what some of those buttons on my camera are for - at least sort of. My camera is at about four years old. It usually just takes pictures of the kids as they zoom from one activity to another. It has lots of settings that I've never used - and I vaguely remember thinking "I'll never use that" as I was reading the manual (4 years ago). I always knew that my photos of my stitching were awful but I always had a scanner to fall back on for the really important pics. But when I look at some of the beautiful pics in stitcher's blogs, I started to think that I need to sign up for remedial photography classes.

It turns out that the remedial photography class doesn't start until April. I thought I should have a clue about my own camera before I go to this class and started trying out all the various buttons and dials - and lo and behold - some of them actually do wonders for my pics.

For the last two days I have chased around my kids and various squirrels taking their pictures. Today, we're having a bit of an ice storm so I can't wait for the sun to come out afterwards so I can take a picture of the sun hitting the ice on the trees. I don't think I have ever looked forward to an ice storm before.

Of course, the other positive aspect of an ice storm is some uninterrupted stitching time!

Have a great weekend everyone. Start cleaning out some space in your stash area - the Nashville Needlework Show is next weekend and the designers have already been showing off some wonderful new designs and products!


  1. lol We laugh at men for never reading the manual - but I always think of how much stiching time I would be wasting, and yep my camera has lots of setting but I never use them.

  2. Looking lovely! I really enjoyed stitching this piece.

    The Macro setting (usually a tulip) on your camera will do wonders for taking pictures of your stitching!