Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gingerbread Friends ornament

Gingerbread Friend complete

So, here's my Gingerbread Friend - the design from Brooke's Books. It is stitched on 14 count perforated paper. It stitched up relatively quickly. This is definitely one of those designs that benefits from the backstitching. I was a little concerned about some of the shading, but the backstitching really made a difference. Oddly enough - the toughest part of this one was cutting the paper around the outline around the stitching. Of course, I forgot to add a hanging loop when I put the backing on the ornament. It is really cute though. For the next one, I am planning to stitch Cherry on Top.

Here's our page for designs from Brooke's Books Publishing. The design that I stitched is Gingerbread Friend from the Elf Babies series which contains four patterns. The second design from Brooke's Books is Cherry on Top from the same series. Brooke's Books has a lot of cute designs for baby announcements, Easter and Halloween decorations, as well as Christmas decorations.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. I love the Gingerbread ornament, it is too cute!! I bet the Cherry on Top will be just as cute!

  2. I love both designs !!! Can you give us the exact book name, author and publisher please? thanks in advance !!!

  3. These are absolutely adorable!!! And they look like they were lots of fun to stitch! Great job on them!


  4. wow, very nice Gingerbread-Ornament. I like it.