Monday, February 09, 2009

So much stuff!

I'm back - finally. I feel like I have been held hostage by an overzealous internet security package that wouldn't let me post to countless blogs, read most of my RSS feeds or even visit countless completely "safe" sites. I've learned my lesson and I will be sticking with my tried and true software.

So, in the past month, I've had lots to say and no one to say it to so I'll try to catch up in the next few weeks. Plus, this past weekend was the Nashville Needlework show so there are tons of new releases to drool over.

Here's an update on my January project. This is Dizzy Busy Bees from The Sweetheart Tree. It was (at first) a quick stitch. But then, I miscounted and had to frog an entire bee skep. Then, I finished up all except the charm in the center. I had already decided to finish it as a needlebook. But then I received these wonderful counting pins - from DebBee's. I love the colors and I had been wanting a set of counting pins for months. So I decided that my needlebook would instead be a home for my counting pins. I took my stitching with me to the quilting shop to choose some fabrics and somehow during that trip, I decided that I didn't care for the red beads. So, out came the red beads. I still need to replace them - possibly with honey colored beads. Then, I must have been in a perfectionist mood, and I couldn't find the perfect fabrics. So this dragged on for a couple of weeks. I now have the perfect fabric and I'll be testing a few bead colors today. Hopefully, I get this finished in the next couple of days so I have a home for my counting pins.

Right now, my counting pins are getting lots of use. I have started Lizzie Kate's Boo Club and I plan to start the Living with Charm series and the Christmas Spirit with Charm series as well. The counting pins are coming in handy with that border.

I also have Nora Corbett's Letter J started from her Letters from Nora series. Unfortunately, I don't absolutely love either the letter J or the letter K (for myself), but that may be for the best. I may have to push myself a little more to finish up the letter J (for a gift) but at least I won't be tempted to do the letter K for myself. My boys have told me that I'm a little too old to have fairies in my room anyway. I really hope that the letter M knocks my socks off when it comes out because I'll be stitching it twice! (also for gifts)

As far as Nashville goes - I was unable to attend due to a family emergency, but I am still drooling over a number of new releases. I am in the process of adding them to the website, but here a few of the notable releases:
From Sue Hillis designs:
Stitchers Days of Christmas - really cute.

Harvest Gourds is one of a bunch of new Autumn designs from Glendon Place

Harvest Gourds
There are also some beautiful new designs from Just Nan, a new monthly series from Brittercup Designs, some great designs for stitcher's tools from Cat's Whiskers, a traveling stitcher's pocket from Little House Needleworks, and some fabulous new designs from Jeannette Douglas. These will all be up on the website in the next few days. Also, we are delighted to be carrying Seba Designs and Giulia Punti Antichi designs. The Seba designs are already on our website and the GPA Designs will be added this week.
So much to stitch - so little time!

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  1. That ST piece is just so pretty. I do love there designs.

    I also love the new Sue Hillis design - definitely one for the Wish List.