Monday, January 12, 2009


Since it is January, and we've had lots of indoor time, we (mostly I) have been organizing the house. It started with organizing all of the Christmas decorations - then the toys (just so we could put away the new ones from Christmas) then it spread. The laundry room, the pantries, the linen closets. My family is praying for a thaw so that there is an excuse to spend the weekend outside instead of organizing something. They're worried that "organizing" might last all the way to "Spring cleaning".

My evening organizing has been stitching. I have found tons of charts that I purchased more than ten years ago. I absolutely love some of these. I'm really bummed that quite of few of the designers of these charts stopped designing needlework years ago.

I love this one. It is called Lunar Harvest from Danelle Marie Classics. The copyright is 1992. I can't even find more information on this designer. The stars are stitched with metallic blending filaments and braids. I'll be starting this design this month. It is stitched on Navy fabric, so it will be good practice for the dragon I plan to stitch on black fabric this summer.

Lunar Harvest

I did start a quick little piece yesterday. This is a Teenie Tweenie from The Sweetheart Tree - Dizzy Busy Bees. If I had stitched it on a larger count fabric, it would have been larger and I probably could have made a nice biscornu from it. As it is, it will probably be a needlebook. Its really cute and is stitching up really fast.

Dizzy Busy Bees

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  1. I don't know that designer either but the design is beautiful. Can't wait to see it come to life ;-)

  2. I'm also in the organizing mood. It happens every year about this time. My husband begins to get nervous.....I think he's afraid I may dispose of something of his. :) Of course I would never do that without asking. ;)

    What a beautiful design that you came across. I can't wait to see it when you begin stitching it. :)

  3. Another one here in an organising mood lol.

    I do not know the ST chart you are stitching but it looks as though its going to be really pretty. I also love the heart in your last post - I have one of these hearts and I really must do it as I am sure it will not take too long to stitch.