Saturday, January 03, 2009

End of 2008 stitching

I hope everyone's holidays are progressing wonderfully.

I, for one, am happy to have some stitching time again - especially since I received some wonderful new stash for Christmas. I got a wonderful Permin chart called "Garden Tools". This chart has been discontinued and I have been looking for it for months. I can't wait to start on it. I also received the finishing instructions from Judy Odell for the Designing Ladies 2006 Stitching Leporello project. Now I just have to decide which design to stitch to finish into my leporello. I also received the finishing instructions for The Ultimated Needlebook, also from Judy Odell.

Here is one more heart that I finished for a gift for Christmas. This is another design from Christmas in My Heart from Cross n Patch.

Christmas in my Heart 2003

I did finish some other pieces just before Christmas that were (and still are) intended for gifts. Unfortunately, due to some nasty winter weather, my get-together with the intended recipients had to be postponed. Hopefully we'll see each other soon. I'll post pics when my friends have received their goodies.

As part of the new year review, I've been looking through my various "stitched but not finished" pieces as well as my WIPs and my "I really want to stitch these designs" drawers. In my stitched but not finished piles I have Emerald Dragonfly from Nora Corbett, Christmas Biscornu from Just Nan and Rosebuds and Hardanger from The Sweetheart Tree. I'll have to think about those. In my WIP pile I have Indian Summer Reflections from Martina Weber, Fairy Idyll from Mirabilia, a couple of Celtic Knotwork designs from Teresa Wentzler, one of the Cherub freebies from Mirabilia Designs, and Witch Way from Just Nan.

Then there are the designs that I really want to start - Garden Stars or Sea Stars from Ink Circles (I can't even decide which), Barnabee's Quest from Just Nan, Mermaids of the Deep Blue or Mermaid of Atlantis (probably Mermaid of Atlantis) from Mirabilia, and, from Lizzie Kate, Christmas Double Flips and the Boo! club Double Flips. That's just the list of designs that have already been released are are in my stash (except for the Boo Club). There are always more wonderful designs released during the year that are completely unexpected as well as the ones that I am impatiently awaiting - like letters J, K and M in the Letters from Nora series. Plus, there are those designs that I've seen before but haven't jumped out at me - and then I see them all stitched up somewhere I just have to have them.

I'll have to think about my PLAN for the year. I've never been good at rotation stitching, but since all of these projects are large, I may give it a go again this year. I am taking pics of all of my WIPs this afternoon and hopefully I'll be able to see progress on all them in short order.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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