Sunday, March 01, 2009

A little glass and a little thread

Isn't it amazing what a huge difference just a little thread and a little glass can make? I did some backstitching and some beading on Letter J. It was really very little stitching and beading yet it made such a huge difference.

Letter J

I've been working on lots of finishing for customers for the last week. I just love finishing pieces for other people. So many times I don't finish my own pieces because I am tired of looking at them by the time the stitching is done. Finishing other people's stitching gives me a chance to look at a piece from a new perspective and frequently I get to finish pieces that I wouldn't have chosen to stitch myself which makes it even more fun.

Looks like we're getting a ton of snow tonight which means no school tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to stitch some more on Letter J and Boo! Club.

Happy Snow Day folks!

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