Thursday, March 05, 2009

P is for Princess

Isn't this design adorable. I think it would be perfect in a little girl's room. Maybe in a box top or a little pillow. Of course I have little boys. Actually I have one little boy and one medium-sized boy.

This design is P is for Princess from The Sweetheart Tree. It is the most recent design in the French alphabet series. I was thinking of a young-boy inspired French Alphabet - can you picture D is for Dragon and B is for Baseball done in this style? It would be interesting.

The best part of these designs (besides being adorable) is that they come in a kit. The kit includes everything you need except for a hoop or frame AND the materials are quality materials - DMC floss, Summer Khaki Cashel linen - not the inferior materials that you get in some kits. AND the kit comes in a little clear plastic box which is so handy. The box holds everything so you can just drop it in a bag making it the perfect little travel project - especially since this design doesn't really have too many beads. I stitched Blackberry Jam a couple of years ago which came in the the same box and now I use the box for a travel sewing kit. I have wished for more of those boxes at least a dozen times for all sorts of purposes.

I think I'll stitch this when I finish Letter J. It looks like it will be a quick stitch.

Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. Oh i love this and yes a little boys version would be great fun. Why not write to the designer and suggest it you never know what she may come up with next.

    I have blackberry jam in the little plastic box - I shall keep your traveling tip in mind when i start it.