Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jordan (Julia) all done!

I finished the finish work for Jordan (which is actually a gift for Julia - so I call her Julia). I finished it as a journal cover. It covers the journal book just like the bookcovers that we had made back in school only without the grocery bag or scotch tape.

I took these pics with the cover on a different book so I could press it without melting anything important. This project definitely made me appreciate having a great iron and a great little detail iron. On the real journal, the cover fits more snugly and everything blocks out a little better.

Whole Cover Letter J

This is a pic of the journal cover open before sliding it on to the book.

Letter J Journal Cover

This is the cover on the "pressing book". So, off I go to press it off one last time and then get it wrapped up for the birthday party (nothing like finishing at the last minute).

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  1. Jordan/Julia looks gorgeous. I love the fabrics you have chosen. Beautiful!

  2. What a beauty!! You did a fantastic job, Kelly :) WOW!! Big congratulations!!