Monday, October 29, 2012

All prepared - mostly

Well the hatches are battened down and the gas cans are full.  It is definitely windy and quite dreary looking outside.  We live at the top of a good-sized hill in the foothills here so flooding in the house shouldn't really be a concern.  Flooded roads and downed trees in the area would be a concern.  We're really worried about the folks on the coast - both Connecticut and New Jersey as well as nearly all of the folks on Long Island.  And I can't even imagine trying to evacuate from a big city like NYC.

We have milk and cereal and canned soup.  I have projects to stitch and books to read.  The only thing that iIwanted to do and didn't quite get done is the laundry.  Last year for "Snowtober", which struck on a Saturday, lots of people were doing their weekend chores when the power went out which means lots of people had laundry in their washing machines.  A number of friends warned me after that storm that the front-loading washer that I want is not a good idea.  They had their clothes fermenting in the washer for 10 days until the power came back on.  By then the clothes were ruined and they still haven't been able to get the smell out of the washer - and it's been a whole year.   My washer is still the old top-loader - so I could pull the clothes out without the water pouring out if the power goes out.  But I'm pretty sure I would be tempting fate if I even started the washer.

On the positive side of the storm, the kids are both sick so they would have missed school anyway.  And, we are fast approaching the end of my reindeer month so I better stitch fast while I have light.  I had hoped to finish 2 reindeer designs but it looks like I will barely finish 1.  Here's my progress as of last week on that reindeer.  Now you can begin to tell that it is a reindeer without stretching your imagination quite so far.

I'm off to ponder the laundry a bit more, back up all of the computers and hunker down with my stitching.  

Prayers for all of those who are in the path of this storm.


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