Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reindeer Plan

We fared well through the storm.  We didn't even lose power.  Such a huge difference from the 10 days without power last year.

The pictures that we've seen and the stories that we've heard about people on the shore are heartbreaking.  I can't imagine what those people are going through.

So today is the last day of my Reindeer month and my reindeer is not done.  But I am still forging ahead with my reindeer plans.  I will finish the Magic Reindeer - hopefully this week.

My other reindeer plans involve the Christmas Eve Couriers from Nora Corbett.  My mantle is about 74" wide.  Each reindeer is about 5" wide and there are 8 tiny reindeer - actually nine including Rudolph.  Then there is Santa's Sleigh which is also 5" wide.  So, I will (eventually) have 10 5" wide pieces.   So the question is - Do I make a single long mantle scarf or do I go with my original plan and create individual little pennant shaped pieces for each reindeer - minus Rudolph - and the sleigh and separate them by a little bit?

Or - if I can't make that work I could go with a tree skirt.  Then I could stitch each of them on a wedge-shaped piece of linen and construct the circle.  Then I could even string some bling between each of them like reins.  Has anyone seen a finished tree skirt or mantle scarf with Nora's Christmas Eve Couriers?  I need to decide which route to take before I start so I make sure to have enough linen.

Decisions, decisions...

Prayers for those recovering from Sandy.

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