Thursday, November 08, 2012

Still reindeer-ing

Boy! I thought I was going to finish the reindeer last week during the storm.  Fortunately, for us the storm wasn't too bad here.  After being without power for 10 days after last year's storm, we were better prepared for the huge storm last week and this week's nor'easter.  We've shared what supplies we could with folks who need them far more than we do.  Our generator is better-traveled than we are lately.

Here's what little progress I did make on Magic Reindeer.  I still hope to finish it soon!  Thank goodness I stitched it over one or it would have been huge!  I know I should have digested the information on the chart a little more before starting.  For some reason I was picturing a cute little piece like the JBW designs.

Rather than finishing this as an ornament (because it would be huge), I think I will finish this as a pillow front.

I still want to stitch Nora Corbett's reindeer on either a mantle scarf or a treeskirt.  Clearly, that won't happen for this year but I still haven't decided which project to make. I think I'll have to make a model out of  paper for each project and see which one works better.  Stay tuned.

Happy Stitching!


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