Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and is settling back into the old routine.  It is cold here and we've already had some snow which makes it more wintery than last winter ever got.   The only snow we had last year was in October and it knocked out our power for more than a week!

I still have to get photos of the little bit of stitching that I was able to do during the holidays.  We've had the flu make its way through the whole family and it really knocks you for a loop.  It took nearly two whole weeks to feel mostly better and I still can't get rid of the "lingering cough".

I'm planning for evenings at home stitching and maybe a few snow days at home stitching and stocking up my stash.  I've found a few good projects and I'm fishing around for a few more.  I hope lots of folks out there are hunkering down and doing the same.

Off I go to sift through the stash for more ideas.  Happy New Year!


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