Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Snow Angels

I've told my younger son that making a snow angel and then getting up from making a snow angel without messing it up with a footprint or a handprint in the middle of it is an important life skill.  The cool part is that my entire backyard will be covered with snow angels - some better than others.  And, my boy will sleep well tonight.

This is my Giggles in the Snow finished into a wall hanging.  There aren't many cute boy designs out there so I really like this one.  I like the colors in the girl counterpart too so I'll probably stitch her at some point as well.

The Giggles in the Snow chart is from Mirabilia Designs and it is still available.  Here's a pic with both the boy and the girl.  You can get the chart at NeedleartsGallery.com.

Happy Stitching!


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