Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby stuff

I've been reading a whole bunch of stitching blogs - and there are a whole lot of babies on the way. Which made me think about all the baby stitchables I acquired while waiting for my boys to arrive. Most of it is still waiting to be stitched. For the most part, the ones that were stitched were stitched for other babies (nieces and nephews and friends). I have tons of baby stuff. So, given the number of babies on the way - I have decided to give it away to other stitchers who can make better use of it than I can. I have booties, bibs, caps, bonnets - and tons of charts for baby designs - Alma Lynne, Stoney Creek and a bunch more. So, for anyone who is interested please send me an email - let me know if this is a boy or girl or unknown and the type of item in which you're interested and we'll put something together! I'll feel so much better having these things in the hands of someone who will use them!

Baby stuff 1
head and toes
Edited to add pics

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