Monday, April 11, 2011

Good stitching weekend

It was a good relaxing weekend and I had a fair bit of time for stitching.  The rabbit on Mirabilia's Fairy Idyll is still coming along.  Now he has part of his belly and most of the gold ornament in his hands.  I think I'll work on some of the green garland that he's holding just for some variety.

After stitching that gold ornament for a while, I remembered how awkward it is to stitch with #8 braid on 32 count linen.  I guess I'm used to stitching with #4 braid instead.  If I hadn't already started with the #8 braid, I would have used #4.  Since the fatter braid is well, fat, and the metallic in it is abrasive, I don't want to frog it. I'm afraid it would really damage the linen.  Note for next time: Use #4 braid on 32 count linen.

For Christina who asked if this is the chart that was discontinued by Mirabilia - This chart is still available. We sell it at if you are interested.  I think the chart that you mentioned or were thinking of might be Seaside Kingdom that had a boy and a girl building a sand castle.  That chart has been discontinued which is very sad.  It was a beautiful design and one of only a few with a boy in it.

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