Friday, April 08, 2011

Slowly but Surely

Well, little league baseball has started in earnest now.  Fairy Idyll is really a bit large to take with me and stitch while waiting during practices.  I still want to finish the rabbit before Easter - and with school vacation coming up I should be able to do that.

I do need to pick a new project to work on during practices.  Something that isn't too big and doesn't required beading as you go.  It is way too difficult to manage the beads while sitting behind the steering wheel.  Beading at home after the regular stitching would be ok.  And, it really can't be a huge project.  Last year I did the Boo! Club from Lizzie Kate and that worked out well (It seems I never posted those photos - put it on the To-do list). I'm considering Christmas Rules from Lizzie Kate or maybe Keys to the Kingdom from Rosewood Manor.  I also want to stitch Poppy Pixie Couture from Nora Corbett.  Hopefully I can pick one this weekend.

Here's my Mr. Rabbit as he stands today.  The parts of the fairy that are complete were stitched some time ago.

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