Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Vacation and ...

Rain.  I am guessing that in June when it's 95 degrees and we're sweltering through a little league game this week might look more appealing.  But right now it just looks soggy and chilly.

I haven't made much more progress on the rabbit in Fairy Idyll but I do have plans to work on him today - a lot. Easter will be here in just a few days and I would really like to have him done.

We did spend yesterday planting seeds and a few plants.  The soil is still really cold but some things have started poking through the ground.  The daffodils are already up but even some perennials are showing signs of life.  I have a terribly invasive "weed" that has already started spreading even further.  I know some people intentionally grow mugwort but I am open to any suggestions as to how to get rid of it.  Even the family of rabbits that were out in the garden yesterday haven't kept up with it.

So far this spring we have planted parsley, tomato seeds, pepper seeds, eggplant seeds and potatoes.  We have big plans for the garden this year and we were so looking forward to working out there this week.  Instead we're inside testing just how important it is for the soil to be warm for a seed to germinate, what happens if the soil is too dry or too wet, and do the seeds need lights over them to germinate (some do, some don't).  And, we are very impatiently checking each day for signs of asparagus.

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