Thursday, May 12, 2011

April 22 came and went

April 22 came and went and Mr. Rabbit still isn't done.  I did make progress but not as much as I'd hoped.  And due to a whole bunch of goings-on, I haven't picked him up since Easter.  Hopefully, things will start to calm down soon and I can get some stitching done.
From Midnight Stitcher
Even baseball isn't conducive to stitching this year.  We have so many games that we aren't having practices and the games are actually interesting and fun to watch - so no stitching then either.  There has been at least 2 fields trips a week between the two kids since the middle of April.  Plus, we're dealing with broken bones (not my own) and a terrible accident involving local teens.  It has been hard to focus on something like my stitching.  (I am so ready for summer vacation.)

So, not that I've been able to work on it, but I did finally choose a piece to work on during baseball season.  It is a nice small piece and I chose it in honor of the baby birds who took up residence by our front door.  A nest appeared there in April and the little birds spent their days flying to and fro and working on their nest.  Then we noticed that the little female bird didn't leave during the day.   Aha!  There must be eggs!  She stayed there for days - almost two weeks.  Then, one morning I checked and I didn't see her head (the nest is up high so I can't look down into the nest).  A few minutes later, the male came swooping in and bunch of little beaks popped up.  It was so fascinating to watch them that even when the school bus came and went, no one moved.  It was also amazing how quickly they grew (and what a mess they can make).  From the time that they hatched until they flew away earlier this week was only about 3 weeks.  Our little bird neighbors were a type of finch rather than chickadee, but I chose to start on Chickadee - a Little Friends design from Valerie Pfeiffer.  It's really cute and I should be able to finish before school's out.

Our seeds have all sprouted and are coming along nicely.  The garden itself is a wreck.  We've been invaded by mugwort which has been impossible for us to control.  And, somehow over the winter, an ornamental strawberry seems to have spread over a large portion of the garden.  Their bright pink flowers are really showy and pretty, but they're hanging out where the tomatoes are supposed to be.  But the asparagus is wonderful and the rhubarb is on the menu for Friday night.  The peach, pear, apple and cherry trees are in full bloom and overall it is just gorgeous!

So, it's too bad about Mr. Rabbit, but I won't put Fairy Idyll away this time.  I think I have a little girl in mind who will really love it when it's finished.  So there's a little incentive to keep going.

Prayers for those being affected by the historic flooding along the Mississippi and its tributaries.  For the rest of you, enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring!

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