Thursday, September 06, 2007

Halloween and Fairy Idyll

Just a quick note - for those of you who were unaware, Wichelt Imports, a major supplier for the cross stitch industry experienced major flooding in the floods that hit the mid-West last month. We wish the folks at Wichelt and the surrounding areas the best during their recovery.

Just a little stitching in the last week. Stitching time should improve now that the kids are in school and everyone has a regular schedule once again.

Here's a quick update on my Halloween stitching. This is the Trick-or-Treat banner from The Cricket Collection. I picked out a nice autumn fabric for the backing and I have the perfect basket to be dressed up with the finished band.

I did finally get some stitching done on Mirabilia's Fairy Idyll. The rabbit statue's head is done. I'll keep this piece out to work on whenever I have a few minutes waiting for the school bus or other stitching time that is likely to be interrupted at a moment's notice. That won't be easy since its so large, but I can't really work on holiday stitching for kids projects if they might walk in any minute!
I hope to finish off the Trick or Treat banner this week and then get to work on some smalls. I also have pile of pieces to finish off and I've been reading lots of blogs this week seeking finishing ideas. Its amazing how much talent is out there - and, thanks to blogs, we get to see so much more than we would have before the "blogger movement".

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