Friday, September 21, 2007

When is Fall coming?

Well, its supposed to be 85F here today, and it was yesterday as well. It had been cooler, in the 60s and 70s, for about a week. I know we usually get an Indian Summer, but generally that is after the leaves have turned, and usually after they have even fallen. So far, our leaves haven't really turned at all. I hope they don't just all turn yellow and fall off the trees overnight like they did last year (some sort of fungus or illness). Except for pumpkins in all the fields around here, it still looks like and feels like Summer.

No stitching pics today. I'm working on finishing up the Giggles in the Snow boy from Mirabilia. Its hard to show progress when you're stitching snow on white fabric. I should be done stitching this weekend and then a big finish-a-thon.

Items to finish:
Chris name tree - ornament
Kreinik freebie snowman - mirror case
Trick or Treat band - wrap for basket
Sweetheart Tree Rosebuds and Hardanger - not sure yet
Thistles kit from Victoria Sampler - not sure - maybe a needlebook?

Christmas stitching still to do:
Daniel's tree ornament
Golfing Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer
Another Kreinik freebie snowman (the recipients are sisters)
Brooke's Books Cherry on Top

And now my son would like me to knit a nice warm, soft afghan. I'll have to think about that one.

And there's some Christmas sewing to be done as well. Time to give the sewing machine some exercise.

Have a great weekend!

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