Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More snow-stitching

I've been stitching and finishing up Giggles in the Snow. I've been bringing it along to stitch in the car while waiting for school to get out - the sunlight makes it so wonderfully easy to see everything. (If I'm ever going to stitch on black Belfast, it should be midafternoon in the car!) Unfortunately, somehow in its travels this week and last weekend, it has gotten pretty badly creased. Bummer!gigglesboy0925

My younger boy has continued to ask for a knitted afghan for Christmas. I've had the Great American Aran Afghan book and the yarn for a while. I think I'll pick a few of those squares. I love the square that has an aran sweater on it. I'll use patterns from my favorite sweaters for the other squares. Not sure what I'll make for my older boy. Still thinking about that one.

We're still waiting for the leaves to change. It was 89F today and we haven't had rain for a while now. I hope the rain doesn't all come when the leaves do start to change. Its sad in those years when a couple of rain/wind storms knock down all the leaves in just a a day or two after they change.

Our apples are just getting ripe and so are our pair of pears (all we got this year). DH and the kids have great plans for apple pies, applesauce, apple dumplings and who knows what else. This is the first year we'll actually get some nice apples. I wish we knew what we did differently so we could do it again.

Off I go to finish the snow!

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