Thursday, January 11, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me - Yazzii Organizer

Merry Christmas to Me! I got a Yazzii Carry-All Organizer for Christmas and I've finally had a chance to really play with it. The bag is 5" deep when it is laying down and it zips closed from both sides. There are two "pages" inside and each page has zippered plastic or vinyl pockets of differing sizes on each side of the page. Some pockets are just the right size for small scissors, my Tacky Bob, a pin keep, a needlebook, spools of metallic thread, cards of specialty threads, packs of beads and more. Then the top of the case has a large zippered pocket - large enough to hold charts or magazines and more. The whole case is deep enough to hold a small set of Q Snaps too!

I need organizers like this all over my house!
(Updated with a picture of my organizer - I still haven't filled all of the pockets!)

Here's the picture from Yazzii of their Carry-All (they also make a few others). I'll post a pic of my fully loaded Carry-All in the next couple days.

This almost makes up for not getting Chatelaine's Persian Iris Garden for Christmas (but Valentine's Day is coming!)

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