Friday, January 12, 2007

Stitching Snow on a White Background

Ya know - Its hard to feel a sense of accomplishment when stitching snow on a white background. After a couple more hours of stitching on Giggles in the Snow - its hard to see any difference at all. Very frustrating.
And - it finally snowed. So much for finishing before the snow fell. Of course, its the middle of January - there should be FEET of snow on the ground. Instead, the daffodils are a couple of inches tall and there are still BUGS around. Hmmmm. This can't be good.
I think I'm totally justified in moving on to another piece for a while. Don't you?


  1. Your little girl in the snow is really pretty!! What a great job! We live clear in Texas and are just dreading the cold weather coming here next week. This is a really cute project!! Debby

  2. It is a cute chart. I have them kitted up years ago but never did start the project. I may just stitch the boy since I have a 3 years old now.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and left me comments.

  3. I love this one! I'm stitching it as well...but not getting anywhere because other projects keep getting in the way! Thanks for visiting my blog...I've got yours marked and I see you own a ONS...hmmm....I'll have to check that out now too! LOL!