Friday, January 26, 2007

Spring is coming!

Well, it IS the middle/end of January, so I suppose it should be cold. But the temp was still a bit shocking this morning - just below zero. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 70 degrees. So, given how cold it is today, adding some new Spring and Easter releases to the website felt even better than usual.

Glendon Place has release a series of Egg designs - Glendon Place designs. These are really cute. Also, we really like the recommended fabric for these - Vintage Country Cashel linens. We have also finally been able to add all of the Cashel linen colors to the website - check them out - including the Vintage Country colors.

For those of you stitch faster than I do (that would be lots and lots of people) there are some great winter WhimZi designs from Just Nan and some great winter themed WhimZi frames - a Pearl Frame with a snowflake and two Navy frames - one with mittens and one with a snowman. Nan has also released a Snow Bonnets design, a cute companion to Snow Faces - all little snowmen and snowwomen.

We are still doing our best to get our products up on the site as fast as possible. With Nashville coming up quickly, there will be a huge flurry or new releases in the next weeks so we're trying to get as caught up as humanly possible before then. We still have nearly all of the designs that we had on our old site so please feel free to email or call with any requests that you have that haven't made it back to the site.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post some stitching progress pics next time.

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